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Incubis a posted Dec 1, 13

We are Darken! Hear us ROAR! We are a dedicated bunch of soldiers here, and all are welcome! Recruitment is always open. Feel free to send an application.

At Darken, we believe EVERYONE deserves a caring, helpful guild, and we strive to be just that. We gladly welcome any level, any class or spec, any style of player. We have officers ready to help you enjoy your gaming, whether you live to raid or you're just starting your adventure and have no idea what you're doing. We're always GLADLY here to help!

We're not a real picky kind of guild, but we do highly uphold our Code of Conduct. Our rules are minimal, and rather simple. Just remember C.P.R.


It should go without saying that we all be kind to one another, but it bares mentioning in a game world where we are forced to compete for everything. While it can be easy to forget, Darken's emphasis is on being polite and courteous to all.


Long word, simple meaning. This might be 'just a game' but who you are can easily be misconstrued if you carry yourself the wrong way. Wether you are young or old, remain professional during your adventures in-game AND here!


For fellow members, officers, and ANYONE you come in contact with on your adventures. As long as you wear the name DARKEN above your head, respect its meaning.

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